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Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp

Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp

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Name : Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine trap lamp With USB

Material : Plastic

Suitable For : Indoor

Type : Suction Trap

Product Breadth : 10.5 Cm

Product Height : 23 Cm

Product Length : 10.5 Cm

Net Quantity (N) : Pack Of 1

Country of Origin : India

About this item

  • DURABLE BUGS KILLER: The Bug Light Killer is a potent and lightweight device. It is simple to get rid of bugs, flies, and others the ideal electronic bug killer.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply plug in the plug, and press the button, and it acts as a bug Bugs trap and a Bugs killer that can operate without making any noise! Its simplicity of usage is what makes it appropriate for a diverse range of applications.

1. Sneha:
"This mosquito killer lamp is a game-changer! It not only effectively traps mosquitoes but also adds ambient lighting to my evenings. No more mosquito bites, and it's energy-efficient too."

2. Ravi:
"I'm thrilled with this electronic mosquito killer lamp. It's easy to use and keeps my room bug-free. The quiet operation is a bonus, allowing me to sleep peacefully."

3. Priyanka:
"This device is a lifesaver during monsoon season. It's a silent guardian against mosquitoes and other pesky insects. I love how it doubles as a night light. Highly recommended for a mosquito-free home!"

4. Arjun:
"I've tried many mosquito repellent solutions, but this lamp is the best. It's efficient, easy to clean, and the UV light is a smart addition. I can finally enjoy my evenings without the buzzing and biting."

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